Too busy making adventures with this girl to post up on time. Here’s to many more, Love. Happy Valentines Day

Gasworks Park, Seattle on this Sunday afternoon (at Gas Works Park)

Who’d expect Seattle to turn up in New York! Hands down best #seahawks bar I’ve been to #nfcwestchamps #mjpj #nycfornye #seatonyfornye (at Carlow East)

Rockefeller Center with its amazing tree (at Rockefeller Center)

Putting my education to use this season. #starwars #starwarschristmas #snowflakes #anthonyherreradesigns

Seattle night lights never get old

Silverdale waterfront. Always nice to be home (at Silverdale Waterfront Park)

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Palace of Music, Congresses and Exhibitions

JAAM sociedad de arquitectura



Thats me drawn by Mark Dudli 2013